Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
Me: *reads every book i own*
Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*

i made milk tea without the tapioca pearls….


The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 4



this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

Go u!


If I am ignoring you, I apologize. I become distracted and will focus on one thing a while. Sometimes I’m just emotionally overwhelmed and I have to lay down for a while. I’m not ignoring you because it’s you it’s because life is distracting and hard and so sometimes I just need to stop talking to people and sometimes I do that suddenly.



Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

How are people so creative and artsy, and how can I be them

MY LOVE!! You so pretty gurlie!!!!!!

thank you waifu 


I need big muscles to protect my friends



Coming Out Simulator 2014 - a half-true game about half-truths

Coming Out Simulator is exactly what it says it is. It’s a free-to-play conversation simulator based on/inspired by the personal story of coming out of its creator, Nicky Case.

There’s no easy answer in Coming Out Simulator, no optimal ending to be achieved if you collect the requisite amount of points. Case based the game off a pivotal moment in his own life as a teenager. And just like in real life, the moment of “coming out” in this game is traumatic no matter which way the player chooses to approach it.

Ultimately, it’s liberating as well. But that’s not what the brunt of the experience playing Coming Out Simulator is actually like. […] There’s power in exploring a fantasy like the one in Mass Effect 3, but there’s also power in being reminded that “coming out” the way one does in that game is a fantasy, and a pretty far-fetched one for many people who faced far more difficult challenges when they actually came out.

Coming Out Simulator is a game about that second experience. It’s a painful one. But it’s also a necessary one, that I think more people who’ve never had to struggle with their own sexual identity should see for themselves. 

this game made me cry omfg

Okay, I normally don’t reblog this kind of thing, but I’m literally hunched over my laptop, crying and feeling absolutely shaken. I don’t do those “reblog if you support cause A, B, and/or C” nonsense because it doesn’t get the point across. Yes, I support gay rights, yes I support all gender identities, yes I support causes that aim for the liberation of humanity from racism, sexism, and all other forms of disgusting prejudice and backwards thought we should have done away with ages ago…but those stupid little posts feel empty to me, especially after the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had: I shouldn’t have had to stayed up, late at night, emailing an acquaintance I’d made in fucking middle school in the middle of August leading into my freshman year of high school because he wanted to put a bullet through his head because his parents hated him for being gay. Now, I can’t say that I have met any non-binary individuals, I have come to know one bisexual and have only just recently come to understand that one of my acquaintances is trans, so, to be perfectly honest, I’m still new to this…hell, I’m pretty damn sure I’m not even entirely straight or even binary myself, I’m still learning, still exploring myself, but from what little I know and have learned so far, those stupid little “reblog if you support this” posts feel like nothing more than empty vanity and pointlessness.

But this game, it made me shiver, it made my heart race, it made me feel trapped and scared and terrified, all without jumpscares, all without 15 paragraphs of arguing under a gif or people stating the same point over and over. This was someone’s life, someone’s experience, someone’s living memories, admittedly altered and embellished (the game itself will tell you that too), but this, this is fucking REAL

Play this game, it’s short, it’s simple, and it’ll rattle you, it’ll make you think. 

this game made me feel uncomfortable, angry, and sad. I think everyone should play this 


When A Black Girl Catches You Staring